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Five Mainstream Elements of Auditorium Audio


Audio Patented Sliding Flow Low Frequency Interface Design of Shenlu Electronic Technology: JBL's patented Sliding Flow Low Frequency Interface Design Works and Bass Concerts generate deep bass response at all levels of play. Double horn ports are designed to reduce turbulence for greater low-frequency extension.

放大器:D類放大器的效率的lsr305的有效41w D類放大器提供足夠的電力來提供輸出和動態凈空要求最苛刻的生產方式的需要。


Amplifier: Efficient class D amplifier lsr305's effective class 41w D amplifier provides sufficient power to provide the most demanding mode of production for output and dynamic clearance requirements.

專業的平衡輸入:平衡式XLR1 / 4“(6.35mmTRS輸入給你你需要連接lsr305任何信號源的同時保持專業的信號質量的選項。

Professional Balanced Input: Balanced XLR and 1/4"(6.35mm) TRS Input give you the option that you need to connect any signal source of lsr305 while maintaining professional signal quality.

可選的輸入靈敏度:- 10dB / + 4dB靈敏度開關保證與范圍廣泛的信號源的兼容性,允許你連接lsr305高輸出專業齒輪沒有輸入過載的危險嗎。LFHF修剪修剪開關:LF(低頻)裝飾和HF(高頻)調整開關使你在lsr305的聲音在你的房間里最大的控制。使用這些開關調整低音和高音你聽到彌補房間的聲學量,節目內容和你的個人品味。

Optional Input Sensitivity: - 10dB / + 4dB Sensitivity Switch guarantees compatibility with a wide range of signal sources, allowing you to connect lsr305 high output professional gears without the risk of input overload. LF and HF Trimming Switches: LF (Low Frequency) Decoration and HF (High Frequency) Adjustment Switches give you maximum control over the sound in your room at lsr305. Use these switches to adjust the bass and treble you hear to compensate for room acoustics, program content and your personal tastes.

100小時功率試驗:成為一個生產就緒的設計之前,每個lsr305模型進行的JBL的嚴格的100小時功率測試,在揚聲器發揮是需要不斷在全輸出100小時無故障。這個測試以確保所有lsr305演講者將提供可靠的性能。100-hour power test: Before becoming a production-ready design, the rigorous 100-hour power test of JBL for each lsr305 model requires continuous 100-hour trouble-free output in the speaker. This test ensures that all lsr305 speakers will provide reliable performance.

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